NATCA Mission

Our mission guides planning and judgment. NATCA is a membership-owned organization. We advance the status, professionalism, and working conditions of all air traffic controllers and other aviation safety-related employees through collective bargaining, political action, and other lawful concerted activity.

NATCA Values

Our values guide decisions and behavior. Those include honesty, tenacity, leadership by example, hard work, integrity, loyalty to the profession, open communication, and the collective spirit.

NATCA Vision

NATCA is a labor organization comprised of dedicated aviation safety professionals acting in unity to enhance the lives and professions of our members while leading the effort to improve, modernize, and preserve the safety of the National Airspace System.

Member Rights & Responsibilities

The standards of conduct provisions of the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 (CSRA), among other statutes, guarantee certain rights to members of unions representing federal employees and impose certain responsibilities on officers of these unions to ensure union democracy, financial integrity, and transparency. The aforementioned rights, responsibilities and standards of conduct provisions of the CSRA apply to NATCA members and officers.

The Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS) is the federal agency with primary authority to enforce many standards of conduct provisions. If you require additional information or suspect a violation of these rights or responsibilities, please contact the NATCA Office of the General Counsel at (202) 628-5451 or OLMS at 1-866-4-USA-DOL. You should also refer to 29 CFR 457.1 - 459.5, and NATCA's Constitution for information on union procedures, timelines, and remedies.

NATCA Member Rights

Bill of Rights: NATCA members have:

  • equal rights to participate in union activities;
  • freedom of speech and assembly;
  • voice in setting rates of dues, fees, and assessments;
  • protection of the right to sue; and
  • safeguards against improper discipline.

Collective Bargaining Agreements: NATCA members have the right to receive or inspect copies of collective bargaining agreements.

Constitutions, Bylaws, and Reports: NATCA has filed an initial information report (Form LM-1) and copies of NATCA Constitution with OLMS. Additionally, NATCA and its locals submit annual financial reports (Form LM-2/3/4) to OLMS. NATCA permits members to examine the records necessary to verify the financial reports for just cause. These documents are public information and copies of reports are available from OLMS and online at https://www.dol.gov/olms/regs/compliance/rrlo/lmrda.htm

Officer Elections: NATCA members have the right to:

  • nominate candidates for office;
  • run for office;
  • cast a secret ballot; and
  • protest the conduct of an election.

Officer Removal: In accordance with the NATCA National Constitution and local constitutions, members have an established procedure for the removal of nationally and/or locally elected officers found guilty of serious misconduct.

Trusteeships: A NATCA local may only be placed in trusteeship by the NATCA president, with the approval of the NATCA National Executive Board, for those reasons specified in the NATCA Constitution and in accordance with the CSRA standards of conduct regulations.

Protection for Exercising CSRA Rights: NATCA or any of its officials may not fine, expel, or otherwise discipline a member for exercising any CSRA right.

Prohibition Against Violence: No one may use or threaten to use force or violence to interfere with a NATCA member in the exercise of their CSRA rights.

NATCA Officer Responsibilities

Financial Safeguards: NATCA officers have a duty to manage the funds and property of the union solely for the benefit of the union and its members in accordance with NATCA's Constitution. NATCA provides accounting and financial controls necessary to assure fiscal integrity.

Prohibition of Conflicts of Interest: NATCA officers or employees may not: (1) have any monetary or personal interest; or (2) engage in any business or financial transaction that would conflict with their fiduciary obligation to the union.

Bonding: NATCA officers or employees who handle union funds or property in excess of $5,000 are bonded to provide protection against potential losses.

Labor Organization Reports: NATCA officers:

  • file an initial information report (Form LM-1) and annual financial reports (Forms LM 2/3/4) with OLMS; and
  • retain the records necessary to verify the reports for at least five years.

Officer Elections: NATCA:

  • holds elections of national and local officers by secret ballot at least every three years;
  • conducts regular elections in accordance with the NATCA Constitution and preserves all records for one year;
  • mails a notice of election to every member at least 15 days prior to an election;
  • complies with a candidate's request to distribute campaign material;
  • does not use union funds or resources to promote any candidate (nor may employer funds or resources be used); and
  • permits candidates to have election observers.

Restrictions on Holding Office: A person convicted of certain crimes may not serve as a NATCA officer, employee, or other representative of the union for up to 13 years.

Loans: NATCA does not provide outstanding loans to any one officer or employee that in total exceeds $2,000 at any time.