NATCA represents the air traffic control specialists who work for one of four private employers who run these 110 Federal Contract Towers: Midwest Air Traffic Control Services, Robinson Aviation (RVA), Inc., RVA-CI Squared Aviation, Inc., and Serco Management Services, Inc. These contract towers tend to be smaller in size and operation, typically employing between five and 10 controllers, many of whom are retired FAA and military air traffic controllers.

NATCA Represents the Following 110 FCT facilities:

Central Region
FOE - Topeka Regional, Kan. (Midwest)

Eastern Region
IAG - Niagara Falls International, N.Y. (Midwest)
ITH - Ithaca, Tompkins Regional, N.Y. (Midwest)
MTN - Martin State (Baltimore), Md. (Midwest)
SWF - Stewart International, N.Y. (Midwest)

Great Lakes Region
ENW - Kenosha Municipal, Wisc. (Midwest)
LSE - La Crosse, Wisc. (Midwest)
MWA - Williamson County (Marion), Ill. (Midwest)
OSH - Wittman Regional, Oshkosh, Wis. (Midwest)

New England Region
BVY - Beverly, Mass. (Midwest)
HYA - Hyannis, Mass. (Midwest)
LWM - Lawrence, Mass. (Midwest)
ORH - Worcester, Mass. (Midwest)
OWD - Norwood, Mass. (Midwest)

Northwest Mountain Region
RNT - Renton, Wash. (Serco)
SUN - Friedman Memorial (Hailey), Idaho (Serco)
UAO - Aurora State Airport, Ore. (Serco)

Southern Region
ABY - SW Georgia / Albany-Dougherty, Ga. (RVA-CI-Squared, Inc.)
APF - Naples, Fla. (RVA)
BCT - Boca Raton, Fla. (RVA)
BFM - Brookley (Mobile), Ala. (RVA)
BQN - Aguadilla, Puerto Rico (RVA-CI-Squared, Inc.)
CRE - Grand Strand / Myrtle Beach, S.C. (RVA)
CRG - Craig Tower; Jacksonville, Fla. (RVA)
DHN - Dothan, Ala. (RVA-CI-Squared, Inc.)
DTS - Destin, Fla. (RVA)
ECP - Panama City, Fla./NW Fla. Beaches (RVA)
EVB - New Smyrna Beach, Fla. (RVA)
EWN - New Bern, N.C. (RVA)
EYW - Key West, Fla. (RVA)
FIN - Palm Coast / Flagler County, Fla. (RVA)
FMY - Page Field, Fla. (RVA)
FTY - Fulton County, Ga. (RVA-CI-Squared, Inc.)
GMU - Greenville Downtown, S.C. (RVA)
GNV - Gainesville, Fla. (RVA)
GTR - Golden Triangle Regional, Miss. (RVA)
GYH - Greenville, S.C. (RVA)
HKS - Jackson, Miss., Hawkins Field Airport (RVA)
HKY - Hickory, N.C. (RVA)
HWO - Hollywood, Fla. (RVA)
INT - Smith Reynolds, Winston-Salem, N.C. (RVA)
ISM - Kissimmee, Fla. (RVA)
ISO - Kinston, N.C. (RVA)
JQF - Concord, N.C. (RVA)
LAL - Lakeland Municipal, Fla. (RVA)
LEE - Leesburg, Fla. (RVA)
LZU - Gwinnett Tower; Lawrenceville, Ga. (RVA-CI-Squared, Inc.)
MKL - McKellar-Sipes (Jackson), Tenn. (RVA)
MLB - Melbourne, Fla. (RVA)
MQY - Smyrna, Tenn. (RVA)
OAJ - Albert J. Ellis, Richlands, N.C. (RVA)
OCF - Ocala, Fla. (RVA)
OLV - Olive Branch, Miss., Airport (RVA)
OPF - Opa-locka (Miami), Fla. (RVA)
OMN - Ormond Beach Municipal, Fla. (RVA)
OWB - Owensboro / Daviess Co., Ky. (Midwest)
PGD - Punta Gorda, Fla. (RVA)
PMP - Pompano Beach, Fla. (RVA)
RYY - Cobb County-McCollum Field (RVA-CI-Squared, Inc.)
SGJ - St. Augustine, Fla. (RVA)
SIG - Miramar, Puerto Rico (RVA-CI-Squared, Inc.)
SPG - Whitted Tower; St. Petersburg, Fla. (RVA)
STX - St. Croix Tower; Kingshill, U.S. Virgin Islands (RVA-CI-Squared, Inc.)
SUA - Stuart, Fla. (RVA)
TCL - Tuscaloosa Municipal, Ala. (RVA)
TIX - Space Coast Tower; Titusville, Fla. (RVA)
TUP - Tupelo Regional, Miss. (RVA)
VQQ - Cecil Tower; Jacksonville, Fla. (RVA)

Southwest Region
ADM - Ardmore Municipal, Okla. (RVA)
AEG - DoubleEagle II, Albuquerque, N.M. (RVA)
ASG - Springdale, Ark. (RVA-CI-Squared, Inc.)
BAZ - New Braunfels, Texas (RVA)
BRO - Brownsville International, Texas (RVA)
CSM - Clinton-Sherman, Okla. (RVA)
CLL - Easterwood, Texas (RVA)
CNW - Waco TSTC, Texas (RVA-CI-Squared, Inc.)
CXO - Conroe, Texas (RVA)
CWF - Chennault, Lake Charles, La. (RVA-CI-Squared, Inc.)
DTO - Denton, Texas (RVA)
DTN - Shreveport Downtown, La. (RVA-CI-Squared, Inc.)
FMN - Farmington Municipal, N.M. (RVA)
FWS - Ft. Worth Spinks, Texas (RVA)
FYV - Fayetteville, Ark. (RVA-CI-Squared, Inc.)
GKY - Arlington, Texas (RVA)
GLS - Galveston, Texas (RVA)
GTU - Georgetown (Austin), Texas (RVA)
GYI - North Texas Regional, Denison, Texas (RVA-Cl-Squared, Inc.)
HRL - Rio Grande Valley (Harlingen), Texas (RVA)
HYI - San Marcos, Texas (RVA)
HOB - Hobbs, N.M. (RVA)
HUM - Houma, La. (RVA-CI-Squared, Inc.)
LAW - Lawton, Okla. (RVA)
LRD - Laredo International, Texas (RVA)
MFE - McAllen, Texas (RVA)
PWA - Wiley Post, Okla. (RVA)
RBD - Dallas Executive Airport (RVA)
ROG - Rogers Municipal-Carter Field, Ark. (RVA-CI-Squared, Inc.)
SAF - Santa Fe Co. Municipal, N.M. (RVA)
SGR - Sugar Land, Texas (RVA)
SJT - San Angelo, Texas (RVA)
SWO - Stillwater, Okla. (RVA)
TKI - McKinney Municipal, Texas (RVA)
TXK - Texarkana Municipal / Webb Field, Ark. (RVA-CI-Squared, Inc.)
VCT - Victoria, Texas (RVA-CI-Squared, Inc.)
XNA - Northwest Arkansas Regional, Ark. (RVA)

Western Pacific Region
CHD - Chandler, Ariz. (Serco)
HHR - Hawthorne Municipal Airport, Calif. (Serco)
IWA - Mesa / Williams Gateway, Ariz. (Serco)
MKK - Molokai, Hawaii (Midwest)
RAL - Riverside (Serco)

NATCA represents these employees in en route centers and terminal facilities. These employees maximize the NAS by coordinating the flow of aircraft on a national scale. They are continuously aware of the traffic flow, status of navigational aids, weather conditions, and traffic forecasts to preclude situations that may cause sector saturation, excessive en route and terminal delays, and flights with undesirable atmospheric conditions.

NATCA represents employees at the FAA's David J. Hurley Air Traffic Control System Command Center’s (ATCSCC) Notice To Airmen (NOTAM) Office (USNOF) Unit in Warrenton, Va. The members in this bargaining unit are responsible for operational compliance with policies and procedures, and communicate this data to pilots on any issue that impacts safety of flight.

NATCA represents the staff specialists who are air traffic controllers located in service centers, air route traffic control centers, terminal radar approach controls, and airport traffic control towers. Staff Specialists support the daily operation of the air traffic system through a variety of functions. Primary responsibilities are to initiate procedural and traffic management changes to enhance the air traffic controller’s ability to move aircraft through the system and support the work and overall tasks of ATCSs, including quality assurance, training, and personnel. Because many staff specialists are former ATCSs, they have an intimate understanding of ATCS needs.

NATCA represents all 17 Flight Service Stations in Alaska, including four hub locations — Fairbanks, Juneau, Kenai, and Palmer. These controllers provide airport advisory services, pre-flight briefings, and search and rescue operations, among other services.