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Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Welcome to the Benefits section of! Being a NATCA member entitles you to enjoy a vast array of valuable benefits. We are extremely proud of the work NATCA has done to secure these for our hard-working members.

In this section, you will find details and links for all of our benefits, from long-term disability insurance, to retirement and financial planning, to travel and entertainment, to products and services like Ford automobiles and Geico insurance, and much more. We partner with Union Plus to offer even more benefits ranging from clothing and entertainment discounts to legal services.

We would like to thank our corporate partners and friends who are providing these valuable and generous benefits to our members!

We invite you to explore all of the benefits available to you as a member. We would love to answer any questions you have. Please contact us at

In Solidarity,

John Bratcher
NATCA National Benefits Committee

Please note: While all of our benefits are available to every active and retired NATCA member, not all benefits are available to our corporate and associate members. If you have a question about our benefits and your eligibility for them, please email our Benefits Committee at


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american hearing






PSU logo

Great New Education Benefit For NATCA Members! NATCA Announces Partnership With Penn State World Campus. Click here to learn more.


Your NATCA partner, providing retirement and financial literacy training specifically developed for NATCA members. Click here to learn more.

“It won’t happen to me,” is not a solid plan for your family’s financial well-being. As a member, you have access to one of the greatest benefits our Union has to offer – UNUM long-term disability insurance. Click here to learn more.

SIG Logo

Southern Insurance Group (SIG) provides NATCA members with an avenue to explore alternatives to government life insurance. Click here to learn more.


Close to retirement or just getting started in your career? You’re sure to have questions as you navigate the maze of your finances and federal benefits. As a NATCA partner, Cambridge can help you find the answers to these questions. Click here to learn more.


amas logo2

Aviation Medicine Advisory Service. Click here to learn more.