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Convention Subsidy

From the NATCA Constitution:

SRF-24 Convention Subsidy (April 2018) 

The NATCA National Executive Board (NEB) shall provide a subsidy to NATCA Locals for attendance at the Convention. No later than 180 days prior to NATCA’s Convention, the NEB shall establish the criteria for determining which Locals qualify for the subsidy, the level(s) of subsidy, as well as the process for applying for any such subsidy. For those NATCA Locals that qualify, subsidy checks will be issued after the Convention. 

At a minimum, a subsidy will be paid to Locals attending the National Convention based on the following criteria: 

  1. Locals receiving $3,000 or less in annual dues rebates — not less than $500.
  2. Locals receiving more than $3,000 up to and including $4,500 in annual dues rebates — not less than $300. 

Convention Subsidy Request Information