NATCA presented its first Excellence in Training Award at Communicating For Safetey 2019 to Tom Adcock (Miami Center, ZMA). 

Executive Vice President Trish Gilbert said Adcock, NATCA’s training rep since 2012 and incoming Director of Safety and Technology, exemplifies NATCA’s daily commitment to training and learning. Adcock also served as the training rep at ZMA for 18 years and currently leads NATCA’s collaborative efforts with the FAA on developing future training for air traffic controllers. He travels often to individual facilities to brief NATCA members on training and training programs.

“I want to thank Paul and Trish for trusting me to do this job seven years ago,” he said. “I want to thank many of the collaborative partners; thank you to the SMEs and the CADREs – you all have made the work easier.” Watch video

adcock award 003